Muscovy Ducklings For Sale

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Due to hatch on April 28 and May 1. Most ducklings will be black, solid, and “Atipico”, but there is also a chance for some blue, “Wild Type”, and pied ducklings. Some will be carriers of lavender and/or sepia. A few will be carriers of ripple.

Ducklings displaying the “Wild-Type” gene can be identified as having four spots on their back and a stripe behind their eyes. When they feather out, they will be solid colored or pied. Ducks with the “wild type” gene have a greater chance of stray white feather(s) when they mature.

A trio of ducklings showing the “Wild Type” gene.

“Atipico” ducklings do not have the eye stripe and 4 spots on their back. When they feather out, they pretty much retain the same pattern they have as ducklings and have less chance of stray white feathers.

Lavender ducklings (and one dark ripple) showing the Atipico gene.

Parent Stock

Buddy the Drake – Father of all ducklings
Buddy the Drake as a baby.
Buddy the Drake & Platinum Hen (Complete Sepia and Lavender). Buddy has one white feather on his entire body, seen in this picture.
Juvenile Lavender Hen – has some ripple. Possible split?
Lavender, Black, Blue (split to sepia) hens & Buddy.

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